Stress Doesn't Have To Be Painful

Introducing GrindRelief Nighttime

The Best Mouth Guard For Clenching And Grinding Your Teeth

You Now Have A New Reason To Smile

GrindRelief Nighttime Stops The Painful Results Of Clenching And Grinding.

Relieves Your Pain

Within a few days you’ll enjoy a better Night’s Sleep

Fits Your Mouth

Adjustable and Customizable for a comfortable fit

Protects Your Teeth

Fewer trips to the dentist, saving you time and money

“I created this affordable solution as a result of my own struggles with clenching and grinding.”
Dr. Joe Pelerin

Prevents neck and head pain by reducing muscle activity by 60%.

Includes a 3-year, wear-through guarantee.

Proven, affordable, non-invasive pain relief

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Are You Tired Of The Pain?

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Within the first three years of use, if the central power bar is worn through, the device will be replaced free of charge.

The device must first be returned for inspection to confirm that tooth grinding was the cause of the wear. Things that are not included in the guarantee as “wear” include, wear marks on the posterior of the device, staining and/or discoloring.

One In Three People Suffer From Pain Related To Clenching And Grinding Their Teeth. With GrindRelief Nighttime, You No Longer Have To Suffer.

Download My Free PDF, “Reasons We Clench & Grind Our Teeth”

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