GrindReliefN – Gum Disease and Bone Loss around Teeth

Gum disease with the accompanying bone loss is the major reason for loss of teeth. There are many reasons for this disease. The principal etiology or cause is lack of proper hygiene, and infrequent proper Professional cleaning’s, also, people with poor overall health, diabetes etc., have a higher incidence of this disease. One factor that has been greatly overlooked is teeth clenching and grinding. The forces from clenching and grinding are huge, and can cause inflammation of the gums and bone loss around the teeth. As a Dentist, I have seen patients who are doing everything right, in good health, and still suffer from the complications of bone loss and gum inflammation.

When employing a proper device used to help stop the clenching and grinding, I have noticed an improvement in my patients gum and general bone that support the teeth. GrindReliefN is the best product I’ve seen to treat this problem. Not only is it smaller and easier to wear than other products, it is also capable of reprograming the muscles, causing 60% less contraction of the muscles. GrindReliefN is available online and at select retail outlets. Not only can using this device save you a lot of money at the dentist, it can also help you keep your teeth longer.

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