About Dr. Joe Pelerin

Dentist, Inventor, & Ex-Tooth Grinder

A family dentist for 30 years, Dr. Joe Pelerin is also a mercury-free dentist who is committed to providing safe, comfortable dental care to his patients at Meadowbrook Dental in Auburn Hills, Michigan.

That commitment to safe and comfortable care has led Dr. Pelerin, to invent 11 dental products including GrindRelief. He is the founder of Advantage Dental, Inc., based in Lake Orion MI, to develop products that enhance care and comfort for patients. Among the products Dr. Pelerin has invented or sells from Advantage Dental are:

  • ThermTray1™ that uses up to 70% less impression material to make final crown impressions
  • Matrix Temp™, a temporary crown and bridge material
  • Hemaseal & Cide® to prolong bond retention and eliminate post-op sensitivity
  • Matrix Buttons™

Dr. Joe - Credentials

A charter member of the International Association of Mercury Safe Dentists, Dr. Pelerin also is a member of the Academy of Operative Dentistry, Academy of General Dentistry, and the American Dental Association.

Dr. Joe - Instructor

Dr. Pelerin is an instructor of fellow dentists offering an online Continuing Education course through Dentaltown.com.

Dr. Joe - Fitness Advocate

Dr. Pelerin is a fitness advocate who lifts weights 2-3 times a week, is an amateur chef who enjoys creating new dishes for friends and family, plays tennis, and enjoys bird hunting, fishing and dirt bike riding.

Dr. Pelerin himself experienced problems with teeth grinding for 25 years during which he tried several costly but ineffective devices that were uncomfortable to wear and did little to reduce grinding activities at night. As a result of that personal experience, Dr. Pelerin invented GrindRelief which is inexpensive, easy to fit, comfortable to wear, and highly effective. 


The Teeth Grinding Solution

FDA-cleared mouth guard. Works better, lasts longer and costs less. The best anywhere, any price, guaranteed.

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