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Dr. Joe Pelerin, the creator of GrindRelief Nighttime helps you understand the need for a dental guard and the many ways it can benefit you. Our mouth guard for grinding teeth is better than its competitors because it’s proven to prevent Bruxism and it’s FDA-cleared. Here, Dr. Joe Pelerin answers your frequently asked questions about GrindRelief Nighttime. Also, take time to watch our video or call us for more information!

Yes! The device can be used for daytime clenching and grinding as well as nighttime clenching and grinding.

Many people don’t even know they’re grinding their teeth until they visit the dentist and the evidence is prominent.

  • Wash with toothpaste and toothbrush
  • Protect from high temperatures
  • Soak in hydrogen peroxide once a week for 10 minutes, rinse and dry

Please review the list of warnings for those who should not wear the device to ensure that you are a candidate for use:

GrindReliefN is not for everybody, especially:

  • Children under the age of 12.
  • If you have severe spacing between their upper or lower front six teeth; either between teeth or towards the gum line.
  • If your upper or lower six teeth are crowded, overlapped or missing.
  • If you have loose or elongated teeth.
  • If you have upper or lower partial dentures that include some of your front teeth.
  • If you wear a fixed wire retainer or braces.

Other devices do little to prevent forces of clenching and can cause you to clench/grind your teeth with more intensity. GrindRelief Nighttime is a much smaller device. The Central Power Bar is unique in that it releases stimulus for clenching. Studies show a device that concentrates forces on anterior mid line reduce muscle clenching up to 70 percent. GrindRelief Nighttime helps users stop teeth grinding and clenching, relieving them of the problems associated with Bruxism.

After using GrindRelief Nighttime, patients that have complained of headaches, shoulder, neck pain and dental problems, are free of their Bruxism symptoms. GrindRelief Nighttime has allowed for patients to sleep better and become pain free! Check out our testimonial video for more information.

The device should not be worn for more than 12 hours straight. Always remove before eating or drinking.

Many problems can be attributed to Bruxism or grinding your teeth at night. Some of the results can include shoulder, neck and upper back pain. Further, nighttime teeth grinding can cause headaches, jaw and ear pain.

Within the first three years of use, if the Central Power Bar is worn through, the device will be replaced free of charge. You pay only shipping and handling for the new device. The device must first be returned for inspection to confirm that tooth grinding was the cause of the wear. The three-year guarantee does not include the following as “wear”:

  • Damage marks on the posterior of the device
  • Staining
  • Discoloring
  • It’s important to know that it might take a few tries to fit your GrindRelief Nighttime perfectly. The device can be reheated and reshaped as many times as necessary to get the perfect, comfortable fit.
  • Ensure that you are wearing the guard properly. You will know when you are wearing GrindRelief Nighttime correctly because your upper and lower back teeth will not come into contact. When worn properly, the main force should be felt at the mid-line between the upper and lower front teeth. This is where the Central Power Bar releases the stimulus to reduce muscle pressure up to 60 percent.

If your night mouth guard is too loose, you may re-soften and fold thermoplastic back into the center of the tray. You may then refit your mouth guard by following the instructions again from the beginning. You may do this as much as needed. Be sure not to move the teeth guard for the first 90 seconds.

First you should reheat the water in the microwave for at least 90 seconds. Then place the device on a spoon and dip into the heated water for 5 seconds. Reposition device on your teeth and lift on and off several times. You may repeat this as many times as you like to ensure it’s a comfortable fit.

Dr. Joe Pelerin has seen many patients come in with worn or flattened teeth, or complaining of ear and jaw pain. Some come in needing root canals due to excessive bite pressure.

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The number of people with teeth grinding and clenching has increased due to stress.

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