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Our videos show how GrindRelief is different and why it works so well compared to “drugstore” products. There is also a video that shows how to custom-form and fit the GrindRelief to the mouth in just a few minutes with just a bowl of hot water!


GrindRelief is making news. The dentist/inventor, who suffered from clenching and grinding his teeth (known as bruxism) has appeared on television shows and interviews-including Fox News affiliates and As Seen On TV.


Because of the nearly universal and quick relief, GrindRelief has been presented in health and other magazines popular with women.


GrindRelief has been popular among bloggers who help people find unique and helpful products that are not heavily advertised in the mainstream media, and with their personal recommendation.


The Teeth Grinding Solution

FDA-Cleared mouth guard. Works better, lasts longer and costs less. The best anywhere, any price, guaranteed.

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