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How to Preserve Tooth Enamel

Tooth enamel is the hardest substance found on the human body, but that doesn’t mean it’s safe from erosion or decay. To protect your smile, it’s important to take the protection of your tooth enamel seriously. What is Tooth Enamel?While most people think it’s an unnecessary step, flossing can save you life. Click to find

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Headaches during the day

There are a number of reasons people experience headaches during the day, they can vary from allergies, to sinus problems, to abnormal growths, such as cancerous growths , and even head trauma, but one of the most common reasons for headaches during the day is stress. Stress is ongoing and increases in our day-to-day lives,

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Headaches at Night or in the Morning

There are many causative factors for headaches. They can range from aneurysms to sinus problems, to allergies and also abnormal growths. However; when headaches occur in the middle of the night or in the morning it is definitive that this is resulting from clenching and grinding. When the muscles of the neck contract, it triggers

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Upper Back Pain

Upper back pain has many causes that may vary from vertebral misalignment, or damage bulging, damaged discs, arthritis sports injuries, work related injuries etc., however; one cause often overlooked is the impact of clenching and grinding of the teeth. This makes no sense to most people, after all; the jaw muscles are in one side

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Ear Pain Related to Clenching and Grinding

Of course there are many causes for ear pain, they can vary from ear wax buildup, outer ear infection, middle ear infection; a foreign body in the ear, sinus problems, or even a sore throat can refer pain to the ear. One cause that is frequently overlooked is the impact of clenching or grinding of

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Tooth Fracturing

There are many reasons or causes for teeth to fracture. Typically, most people think teeth fracture because of chewing on something too hard or hitting an object you didn’t know was there. I have been practicing dentistry for over 40 years and I’m seeing more and more tooth fractures. Many times people will tell me

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