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Why Does My Child Have Chronic Headaches?

When your child has a headache, parents might jump to the conclusion that something more critical is wrong. However, many children regularly suffer from headaches where the solution is quite simple. The following five problems are common causes of headaches in children with tips on how to reduce their frequency. RELATED: How I Get Rid

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How to Stay Active on a Rainy Day

Even if it’s raining, there are still ways you, your kids or your pets can stay fit and active. Being outside isn’t the only way to burn calories! Beat any gloomy rain this summer with these five ideas to stay active – even when it’s pouring. 1. Bring the Outdoor Games Inside You don’t need

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Save on Vacation Meals with These Cheap and Healthy Ideas

Everybody loves food… which makes it difficult not to treat yourself to nice meals at new places while vacationing. Along with entertainment and hotels, the cost of travel can skyrocket quickly. But experiencing food from your destination should not be totally sacrificed. There are many ways to satisfy your tastebuds without breaking the bank. These

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Ways to Keep Your Body Hydrated in Summer

Spending hours outside in the sun is the perfect way to enjoy summer weather. But  unfortunately, it can cause strain on your body. With the constant heat and dry air, it becomes easier to become dehydrated, which can have a dangerous impact on your body. Just as you would for a workout, reward yourself with

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Healthy 4th of July Barbeque Menu

Independence Day means getting together with family and friends to enjoy great fireworks, great drinks and great food. This is also a day dedicated to appreciating classic American dishes! If you are working to achieve that perfect beach body this year, have no fear, Fourth of July doesn’t have to be a cheat day! We

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