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Stress and Its Affects on The Body

The human species has experienced stress for thousands of years, however; today more than any other time, problems whether down the street or across the world are in our faces all the time, due to news outlets Internet social media etc., there is no escaping increasing problems in this troubled world. Of Course in the

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Tooth fracture is not an uncommon problem. Most people attribute it to eating – biting down, hitting something hard and fracturing a tooth. While this can occur, there’s a much bigger problem which I have seen widely. It can occur during the night or during the day even while not chewing. The vast-majority of people

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Shoulder and Neck Pain

Of course there are many causes for shoulder and neck pain, injuries, arthritis, skeletal pathology, herniation and many other problems. One etiology or cause that is frequently overlooked is the impact of clenching or grinding of the teeth. Many people would not associate this problem of clenching and grinding with shoulder and neck pain, however;

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Why Does My Child Have Chronic Headaches?

When your child has a headache, parents might jump to the conclusion that something more critical is wrong. However, many children regularly suffer from headaches where the solution is quite simple. The following five problems are common causes of headaches in children with tips on how to reduce their frequency. RELATED: How I Get Rid

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How to Stay Active on a Rainy Day

Even if it’s raining, there are still ways you, your kids or your pets can stay fit and active. Being outside isn’t the only way to burn calories! Beat any gloomy rain this summer with these five ideas to stay active – even when it’s pouring. 1. Bring the Outdoor Games Inside You don’t need

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