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woman laying in bed experiencing vertigo from clenching and grinding her teeth


Vertigo, or difficulty with balance, has many causes. The center for balance is in the middle ear; therefore, anything that affects the middle ear, such as a severe ear infection, sinus infection, and other nerve maladies can result in vertigo. If you put your finger in your ear, push forward and open and close your

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man holding his painful jaw because of bone overgrowth

Overgrowth of Bone

Over the years, I have noticed that many patients have an overgrowth of bone in the jaw. Dentists refer to this overgrowth as exostosis or tori. This can be found in the upper jaw or lower jaw structures. It can be on the tongue side of the jaw or the cheek side and appears as

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One rare problem that I have been seeing more of lately is external resorption of the tooth. On x-ray examinations, this can first appear to be decay but it is different. Decay is related to a bacterial invasion and the resulting lesion is soft. External resorption has a similar appearance but the lesion is hard

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Shortening, Thinning and Chipping of Front Teeth Causes

As people age, they may begin to notice a shortening of their front upper and lower teeth. Usually, it takes them at least until their 30’s or 40’s before this deterioration is noticed, and before they find out why this occurs. A Grinding Problem For most people, the lower front teeth sit back slightly from

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woman holding head because of stress headaches

Stress and Its Affects on The Body

The human species has experienced stress for thousands of years. However, today more than any other time, problems down the street or across the world are in our faces all the time. A lot of this is due to news outlets, the internet, social media, etc. There is no escape from the increasing problems in

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Tooth fracture is not an uncommon problem. Most people attribute it to eating – biting down, hitting something hard and fracturing a tooth. While this can occur, there’s a much bigger problem which I have seen widely. It can occur during the night or during the day even while not chewing. The vast-majority of people

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