Buyers, you can play a huge role in the comfort of your customers. Millions of Americans have already been suffering from painful jaw and headaches due to nightly grinding and clenching habits. These are involuntary practices that you can put a stop to with GrindReliefN, a fast and easy way to prevent nightly teeth grinding and clenching from occurring again.

GrindReliefN Relieves Pain Fast…

Many of our customers have already felt a difference in their day-to-day comfort levels after wearing the GrindReliefN mouthguard for a few weeks. Some have even felt results after the first time:

“Last night was probably the first night I didn’t grind or clench in years. I’ve had a total of 10 root canals, 6 in just the last 4 months all from grinding. I think this device will save my teeth. Thank you very much!!”

– Charles

The secret is in the Central Power Bar, entirely invented by Dr. Joe Pelerin and FDA approved to treat teeth grinding and clenching. The Central Power bar causes nerves to reprogram muscles and reduce bite forces by up to 70 percent!

product-w-counter-display…and Easy!

GrindReliefN is not only fast, but super easy to work with compared to other mouthguards on the market. To begin, it is only one-third the size of typical horseshoe-shaped bite guards, making it much easier to sleep with at night or live with during the day. The process for customizing the bite guard to solely fit an individual’s mouth is also a breeze:

  • Warm a half-filled mug of water in the microwave for 90-120 seconds (not boiling)
  • Submerge GrindReliefN in heated water for 90 seconds to two minutes, or until device is translucent
  • Remove GrindReliefN and follow instructions for forming to upper and lower teeth

Each GrindReliefN comes with a how-to DVD with all of the detailed instructions your customers will need to mold the mouthguard to their specifications. And don’t worry about messing up – GrindReliefN can be re-shaped as many times as needed!

Your Customers Deserve Help TODAY, So What Are You Waiting For?

Don’t make your customers wait one more night of painful teeth grinding – let them enjoy a pain-free day tomorrow by stocking your shelves with GrindReliefN, today! Call 877-401-1224 for more information about the product and orders.

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