Retailers should know that over 100 million Americans are looking for relief from teeth grinding, and many of those millions of Americans are students! Many students have teeth grinding problems caused by the stress that comes along with assignments, exams, striving for good grades, maintaining spots on sports teams, etc. Now is a perfect time to provide students with easy access to teeth grinding relief! Making GrindReliefN readily available for teeth grinding students will reduce teeth clenching and headaches in the classroom, making for an overall better learning environment that you, as a buyer, can provide!

How GrindReliefN Can Benefit Students
Students who grind their teeth can find themselves being easily distracted from learning because the headaches, jaw pain and neck pain caused by grinding or clenching can interfere with study time. GrindReliefN is here to prevent this pain from happening, making it easier for students to focus throughout the day due to a quality night’s sleep. GrindReliefN is: Best Mouth Guards For Teeth Clenching

Affordable for all students at only $69.00 per unit
Easily concealed due to its smaller-than-average bite guard size
Reprograming the user’s jaw muscles to prevent teeth grinding in the future
Offering GrindReliefN will make studying and concentrating in class easier for your student customers!

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Why Pick GrindReliefN?
GrindReliefN is unlike any other bite guard on the market and provides your customer with the most benefits compared to our competitors. These advantages not only gives your mouth pain relief but also prevents future teeth grinding. The advantages of using GrindReliefN include:

FDA-approved status
Longer-lasting bite guard – for at least three years!
Custom-fit with the ability to be reshaped as often as needed
Provide GrindReliefN for your Student Customers, Today!
Buyers, what are you waiting for? Provide students with easy access to teeth grinding relief with GrindReliefN! Ask about our special pricing for dentists when you order your supply of GrindReliefN. For being a loyal customer, you will be listed in our referral network to potential patients. Help your customers focus this school year pain-free by contacting us today at 877-401-1224.

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