Whole grain carbs have been proven in recent years to trump refined carbs for nutrition, weight control and reduce the risk of heart disease and diabetes. We should essentially be sure to make at least half of our grains whole grains. But if you’re ready to take your weight loss even further, you might want to try a new weight loss idea called wet carbs.What is a wet carb you ask?  Wet carbs are what you refer to as carbs that are prepared with a liquid before they are ready to eat.  For example, a bowl of hot oatmeal would be considered a wet carb.  A cereal with milk may also be considered a wet carb. However, if you consumed the cereal without milk it’s considered a dry carb.  But it is most important to decide if the basic form of the carb is wet or dry.

How Wet Carbs Can Help with Weight Loss

The secret behind wet carbs is the added water. This liquid helps us feel fuller longer after you have consumed the carbs.  This being said adding the water to the carb potentially acts an appetite suppressant leaving longer lasting effects of the food and allowing you to stay full for a longer period of time.

Grains - Carbs for Weight Loss

Best Carbs for Weight Loss

So you’re not sure where to start? Here are some four simple swaps you can make to add easy wet carbs to your diet and avoid dry carbs.

  • Breakfast: Instead of dry cereal swap it out for oatmeal

  • Salad: Give of the croutons and swap them out for lentils

  • Soup: Instead of adding crackers try adding barley

  • Dessert: Instead of ice cream enjoy some guilt free quinoa pudding

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