family under stress due to coronavirus

In recent articles on Fox News and in the New York Times, Dr. Tammy Chen, a New York prosthodontist, reports a huge uptick in incidents of tooth fractures. She has seen more fractures in the last six weeks than she has in the last six months. She attributes this uptick in fractures to stress created by the coronavirus situation.

Increases in stress can cause people to grind more; it’s a natural reaction. It can happen during the day, but mostly it happens at night and many people are not aware of it. Dr. Chen also reports she has seen an increase in patients with jaw pain, migraine headaches, and tooth sensitivity. These are also directly related to clenching and grinding of the teeth.

I am Dr. Joe Pelerin, a practicing dentist in Auburn Hills Michigan, and I have also seen an increase in these maladies, and many of my colleagues report the same thing. Many describe it as an epidemic compared to what we’ve seen in past years. Dr. Chen recommends patients wear some type of mouthguard to help mitigate these problems. Personally, I have also suffered from problems related to clenching and grinding, I am all too aware it can cause shoulder and neck pain and migraine headaches.

A few years ago I created a device for clenching and grinding called GrindReliefN. It is smaller and easier to wear than a typical horseshoe device that many people use. Also, unlike the horseshoe and other devices, it has a central bar that focuses pressure on the upper and lower midline at the same time causing a nerve reflex to reduce muscle activity. To understand it better, a simple pencil analogy can be tried. If you take a pencil and put it between your back teeth, you can crunch right through it. Take the same pencil, put it between your upper and lower front teeth at the midline, and you can’t bite with as much pressure. That’s how our device works.

An increasing number of dentists are making this device as they see the benefits clearly and they can customize and fit the device best.

I have made many types of night guards for my patients over the last 30 years, but by far this has been the most effective and comfortable, and I’ve had the highest degree of success for my patients with the GrindReliefN.

If you are looking for the best mouth guard for clenching and grinding your teeth, you have come to the right place. Order your GrindReliefN now and get 10% off.

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