African American child sleeping in bed while grinding their teeth

Many dentists, pedodontists among them, believe that younger people actually have a higher incidence of bruxism than adults. However, like adults, many don’t realize they are clenching or grinding their teeth as it is mostly done at night while they’re sleeping.

How to Know Your Child is Grinding Their Teeth

Often it is the parent that recognizes the problem as they can hear their child grinding at night. Of course, tooth damage can result, but much more is involved. As the jaw muscles contract or over-contract, jaw pain and ear pain can result. Further, just like adults, the contraction of the jaw muscles can cause a reflex, a balancing contraction in the shoulder and neck muscles, causing pain in these areas. Also, the muscles in the back of the head, or temporal muscles, can lead to headache pain. If no one detects this problem, the child simply suffers from these maladies.

Some children think it’s normal to the point they don’t tell their parents.

In previous years I have seen and reported tooth damage to parents. Some of them were already aware that their child had a grinding problem. My response had always been that there wasn’t much that could be done because children can’t wear most appliances designed to treat bruxism. And, since children are continuing to grow, there is the problem of shifting dentition.

A Teeth Grinding Solution For Children

Over the last few years, I have developed a solution to this unique condition. It is called GrindReliefN, which is a smaller device using the action mechanism of an NTI (anterior bite stop) but covering the anterior 6 to 8 teeth.

The smaller size of the GrindReliefN makes it more wearable for children than most horseshoe appliances made by dentists.

Not only does the GrindReliefN prevent the teeth from coming together and causing damage, but the central bar at the midline also puts pressure on the upper and lower midline, simultaneously. This pressure causes a biofeedback muscular response reducing muscle activity by 60% or more. What makes it particularly valuable with shifting dentition as the device can be reformed as many times as necessary.

Easy For Children to Use

One of my adult patients, who had experienced excellent results from using GrindReliefN herself, began to notice that her seven-year-old son was grinding his teeth at night. She told me that he started using GrindReliefN and would willingly use it every night. I didn’t remember fitting him for the device and learned that she had purchased one online, using the helpful online video instructions to fit it herself.

After using the device for one week, she said her son loved it and was no longer experiencing pain.

Although she was aware that her son was grinding his teeth at night, she wasn’t aware that he was having daily headaches which he thought was normal.

As a result, he had been acting out at school and not performing well. Today, thanks to GrindReliefN, he is doing much better and sleeping pain-free. He has been able to reshape the device at least six times as his teeth shifted during the normal eruption sequence.

Help For Young Adults Suffering From Pain

GrindReliefN is made for children as young as six years old. It not only prevents tooth damage and sensitivity but helps with head and neck pain too.

I have been able to help many adult patients using GrindReliefN. Still, it is particularly gratifying to be able to help young adults who suffer from these problems, especially when no other treatment option is viable.

Teeth Grinding and Orthodontics

A note to parents who have children who are grinding their teeth: As a child gets to the age when orthodontics can be employed, make sure the orthodontist is aware of the situation and implements treatment not just to align the teeth for aesthetics, but also for muscle and joint harmony.

The Best Solution For Children Who Grind Their Teeth

If you discover that your child is grinding their teeth at night or is experiencing daily headaches, then GrindReliefN could be the right solution for you.

GrindReliefN is simply the best mouth guard for teeth clenching and grinding and can be used by children and young adults alike.

Contact us to learn more or order one now to try for yourself. Getting the right fit for you or your child is easy using our online instructional video. If you or your child is experiencing head, neck, or shoulder pain as a result of clenching and grinding your teeth, you can get relief now using GrindReliefN.

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