Feeling worn out lately? How you feel during the day says a lot about the quality and quantity of sleep you are getting each night. Most people are not aware that your daily lifestyle impacts your quality of sleep. There are many elements that can interfere with your sleep patterns such as stress, health, work and other day-to-day factors. Although it can sometimes be impossible to control these factors, you can pick up habits that will help improve the quality of sleep you get each night. Follow these steps for a better night’s rest and an even better day.

Stick to a Schedulestay on schedule for a better night’s rest
Go to bed and wake up at the same time everyday. Choose a time when you normally start dozing off and feeling tired and stick to it. This prevents you from tossing and turning all night. Try your best to keep these times consistent on the weekends and days off. Disrupting your body’s circadian rhythm causes poor quality of sleep and leaves you feeling tired all day long.

Make Small Adjustments
If you must change your sleep schedule, it is important to change the time you fall asleep and wake up in small increments. This is good advice for becoming a morning person as well! Slowly change the time you fall asleep and wake up by 5 minutes at a time. Being consistent reinforces your sleep cycle which then helps get a better night sleep.

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Balance Your Diet
Stay away from sugary foods or drinks with an overload of caffeine throughout the day. The simulating effects of too much caffeine can take many hours to wear off. Even if it allows you to fall asleep, the caffeine could disturb your sleep in the middle of the night. It is also important to remember not go to bed too full or hungry. Do not eat or drink right before bed either, this will decrease the trips to the bathroom throughout the night. The key to a better night’s rest lies in balancing what you eat and when you eat it for maximum body relaxation each evening.

Implement a Bedtime Ritual
Doing the same thing before bed each night encourages your body to learn when it’s time for bed. This will help your mind and body wind down before your head even hits the pillow. Some take a warm shower or read a book before bed. Whatever your ritual is, do it with the lights dim and avoid electonics because the bright light and stimulation can make it harder for your body to transition to sleeping.

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Create A Comfortable Environment
Creating a comfortable environment is key to falling asleep and staying asleep. Creating a dark a quiet space is a good example. Oftentimes, it’s better not to use room-darkening shades because the natural light in the morning can be helpful when trying to wake up before work. Make sure your mattress and pillow feel comfortable for you. Since you spend at least eight hours a night in bed – splurging to make it comfortable is acceptable!

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