Summer vacation is here! It’s time to keep yourself, the kids and the pets physically active. Don’t just let yourself or the kids veg out in front of the television all summer. Get them up and moving by engaging everyone in healthy activities – they will be exercising whether they know it or not. These ideas aren’t limited to families! Grab a friend or two, add some sunblock and get started with these fun and fit summer activities.

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Bike or Walk to Dinner

Walk or bike to a nearby restaurant stop. You get exercise and a well-deserved reward after all the hard work. While walking, make up rules such as “don’t step on the sidewalk cracks” or add a game like “shadow tag”. Be sure that the areas you bike and walk upon are safe sidewalks that avoid cars and traffic.

Count Your Steps

Start a fun and friendly competition with your family by seeing who can get the most steps within a day or a week. Step counters, also called pedometers, are a great way to give your kids incentive to staying active. Encourage your kids to reach 12,000 steps a day with their pedometer. This is a fun and effective tool for parents to decide if their kids are staying as active as they should be while not in school. Check out Geo Palz – these pedometers for children allow you to register the step counter to their website. By registering you get the chance to win rewards, track steps and get more suggestions for staying active. Get one for yourself or for coworkers at the office and join in the competition!

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Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are a positive way to liven things up. They can be done anywhere, any time and with zero cost. Create a list of objects for your kids to find around the yard and implement a time limit. You can have your children do this individually or on teams. Scavenger hunts make ordinary days more exciting! If you’re on a nature walk with your kids, a even eye-spy is a great way to spice things up by having them discover nature. Try collecting leaves, rocks or pinecones along the way for additional arts-and-crafts projects.

Simon Says

This classic game is a perfect way to grab your kid’s attention and keep them active. This keeps their mind sharp and keeps the competitiveness going. Use this game in the morning to wake their bodies and minds up! Add exercise into the game by saying thing such as “Simon says do 10 jumping jacks” or “Simon says do five push ups.” This will burn up some energy and plenty of time.

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Enjoy a Fun, Fit and Pain-free Summer with GrindReliefN

Get outside and make the most of sunny days with these fun and fit summer activities. Outdoor activities are beneficial for both you and your children, what with the natural vitamin D outside that will boost your mood and your health. Keep your health levels even higher with GrindReliefN for jaw pain and nighttime grinding.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your kids or friends and enjoy the sunshine.

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