There are many causative factors for headaches. They can range from aneurysms to sinus problems, to allergies and also abnormal growths. However; when headaches occur in the middle of the night or in the morning it is definitive that this is resulting from clenching and grinding.

When the muscles of the neck contract, it triggers a skeletal balancing, that causes the muscles in the neck and shoulder to contract. This contraction also spreads out into the base of the skull and in the muscles, causing headaches. The common treatment for this malady is medication; another way to treat this problem is with the proper device to help stop the clenching and grinding.

GrindReliefN is the best device I have seen to treat this problem in my over 40 years of practice, unlike virtually any other device for clenching and grinding, this device actually stops the muscle contraction by 60% or more.

Smaller and easier to wear, it also has a central power bar which focuses bite forces on the upper and lower front Mid-line. This creates a nerve stimulus to stop the muscle activity.

You can put a Band-Aid on the problem with medication, or you can fix it with GrindReliefN.

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