There are a number of reasons people experience headaches during the day, they can vary from allergies, to sinus problems, to abnormal growths, such as cancerous growths , and even head trauma, but one of the most common reasons for headaches during the day is stress.

Stress is ongoing and increases in our day-to-day lives, and under the most stressful of times, whether at work or driving, people react to stress differently, and one of the main reactions a lot of people don’t realize they have is Clenching, or grinding their teeth, and when the Teeth clench or grind this causes a tightening in the masseter muscles, or jaw muscles.

As a skeletal balancing mechanism the shoulders, head and neck contract, and transmit tension up into the back of the head, resulting in headaches. When most people are under stress, they do not realize they are clenching their jaw muscles at all, they realize the pain that results afterwards.

Typically the assumption is made–I probably have a stress headache, or tension headache, but how does tension and stress translate into pain. I submit that this whole mechanism occurs frequently, and often people simply assume that pain reliving medications such as aspirin, ibuprofen, or muscle relaxers are the solution. However; if a person is consistently experiencing these problems, without any relief from pain medications, there is another option, GrindReliefn.

Unlike other protective devices, horseshoe devices, or posterior pads that are simply plastic between your teeth, Grindreliefn is smaller and can be worn on the upper or lower front teeth, with a central bar, and while under extreme clenching pressure and grinding, the Grindreliefn will add pressure on the upper and lower front teeth, right at the midline to create a nerve stimulus of a biofeedback that stops the muscle activity up to 60% or more.

An example of how GrindReliefn works. Simply take a pencil and put it between your back teeth, and as you bite down, you are able to generate a tremendous amount of force, but if you take the same pencil and put it between your front teeth, you find that you are unable to apply the same amount of force. That is how GrindReliefn works, and why it is miraculous at preventing and relieving headaches and a lot of other teeth clenching and grinding problems.

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