Want to squeeze another picnic or two into the summer months? Take advantage of the remaining warm weather to enjoy a picnic lunch outdoors with friends or family – but don’t put your health on the back burner! Traditional picnic foods can be a greasy way to add unwanted calories to your diet. With a little tweaking, you can still enjoy tasty food on your picnic. Here are some healthy alternatives to enjoy on your next picnic:

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Sandwiches can be tricky because it’s easy to make them really unhealthy – really fast. Stick to whole-wheat bread or even a lettuce wrap, cold cuts and veggies and maybe a homemade light mayo sauce. Oh, and don’t go too crazy on the cheese! Using low-fat versions of the foods you already eat is a great way to still enjoy your favorites.

Sticking to a simple tossed green salad with a light dressing is the healthiest way to go. But if you want to go the potato or pasta salad route, be sure to use ingredients like light mayo or dressing and fat-free sour cream to avoid the extra calories and fat. You can also try adding some grilled chicken or fish to your salads to make them more filling. Your salad will still taste delicious and your waistline will thank you later.

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Fruit Kabobs
Fruit can often be messy if taken on-the-go. But if you cut up the fruit and throw it on some sticks ahead of time, you have a fun, mess-free healthy food to enjoy on your picnic. If you want to avoid too much sugar, use fruits that are low in sugar such as:

Some fruit options that taste great as well as give you a healthy energy boost include:

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Grilled Meats
Burgers and hot dogs are picnic favorites you shouldn’t have to miss out on! Stick to lean ground beef or low fat versions of hot dogs on a wheat bun. Every little bit helps to save your body extra calories. Veggie burgers or tofu dogs are also good alternatives.

Alternatives to the Classic “Chips and Dip”
Chips and dip – everyone’s favorite snack at the picnic. This can be dangerous because once you start eating them, you can’t stop. If you replace it with a healthy alternative, you won’t have to feel guilty about snacking throughout the day later! Some healthier options include replacing chips and dip with:

Hummus and pita chips
Veggie tray
Wheat crackers and a low-fat cheese spread
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Eating healthy doesn’t have to mean missing out on summer picnic fun! Get out there and enjoy the last of the warm summer months with your picnic basket in hand. And make sure your health stays at it’s best this summer with a GrindReliefN mouthguard – guaranteed to lower your teeth grinding or clenching by as much as 60 percent.

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