Even if it’s raining, there are still ways you, your kids or your pets can stay fit and active. Being outside isn’t the only way to burn calories! Beat any gloomy rain this summer with these five ideas to stay active – even when it’s pouring.

1. Bring the Outdoor Games Inside

You don’t need to be outside to play games. Get creative and find ways to bring the classics inside. If you have a foam bat and ball and a little room, you can play baseball inside. If you’re afraid of breaking something, try it in a hallway or basement first. You could also play basketball with a foam ball and a laundry basket. With a little more effort, you could have a family volleyball tournament by taping a string across a room and blowing up a few balloons.

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2. Do a Workout Video

With a large selection of workout routines available on the Internet, find one that appeals to you and your abilities. From ballet to kickboxing, there’s a workout video for everyone’s skill level. With your friends or kids Rainy Day Activitiesinvolved, keep the laughs flowing and make memories together, too!

3. Play Active Games

Games like Twister, musical chairs or Wii Fitness are great ways to stay active and also have fun. Make the games a little more difficult to burn even more calories. For example, if you’re playing musical chairs, place the chairs farther apart to make players run longer distances before the music stops. Active games are fun for the whole family while still encouraging fitness.

4. Enjoy the Music

The quickest and easiest way to stay active this rainy day is to put music on and have a dance party. Allow everyone to have a chance to play their favorite music and teach each other dance moves. Not only is this easy, it’s also a good way to bond with friends. Get even more creative by choreographing a whole dance and recording it for laughs later on.

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5. Embrace the Rain

If it’s a light rain, you can still stay active outside. Put on your raincoat and enjoy the weather. Join your kids or dogs by splashing in puddles or go for a walk around your neighborhood with umbrellas. If you’re feeling adventurous, play your favorite sport, like football, in the rain for something new.


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