The leaves are changing and summer clothes are being stored in the back of our closets – fall is on its way! Along with the new season, we anticipate the upcoming school year. While your child might have all the right necessities in their backpack, ask yourself, does he or she have the essentials to maintain a healthy mouth throughout the school year? We all know germs spread like wildfire in classrooms and though it will be up to your child to protect themselves from harmful germs, it is up to you to provide the right tools for them to prevent disease. So complete your back-to-school checklist by stopping in the hygiene aisle, grabbing a pack of toothbrushes, children’s floss, your child’s favorite flavor of toothpaste and help them build healthy oral habits heading into the school year.

Schedule a Dentist Appointmentback-to-school oral health
As we approach the school year it is crucial to have your child meet with a dentist to determine their oral health. If their oral health is not yet suitable, they’re probably making common oral mistakes that can be rectified at the dentist office. Take this opportunity for your child to get a deep cleaning or possibly a filling before being sent off to school. Beyond that, it is important your child speaks to their dentist about their oral health. Remember, family dentists are professionals who know how to lead your child in the right direction of maintaining good oral health.

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Pack a Healthy Lunchpack a healthy lunch
A healthy lunch is essential to your child’s oral health. Cut back on sugary juices and soft drinks along with candy and chips as they are the recipe of disaster for your child’s oral hygiene. Be sure to pack your child’s lunch with a healthy balance of nutrients with foods such as:

Granola bars: supplies fiber and protein while keeping a low sugar level
Vegetables: crisp carrots and celery help clean plaque from teeth
Yogurt: probiotics in yogurt help slow the growth of cavity-causing bacteria
Fruit: oranges and strawberries contain a high amount of vitamin C to help build connective tissue in gums
Milk: calcium in milk help prevent gum disease and strengthen the jaw bone
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Supply a Mouthguard
supply a mouthguard for schoolIf your child is a student athlete, be sure they wear protective gear for their teeth. Athletes are often subject to chipped and broken teeth as well as damaged teeth due to constant grinding. Also it will save you, the parent, much more money in the long run by avoiding potential dental costs. If your child wears braces, it is even more important that they are supplied with a braces-specific mouthguard. Do your research to determine which type of mouthguard will benefit your child the most.

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Complete Your Back-to-School Checklist with GrindReliefN!
In the midst of the school year, it often becomes difficult to keep tabs on everything your child is doing. Nevertheless teaching your child the fundamentals of good oral hygiene will further help him or her sustain a healthy lifestyle. Headaches and jaw pains can be avoided with GrindReliefN, the long-lasting nighttime bite guard. For more information about the custom bite guard, call 877-401-1224 or contact us online.

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