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Treat the problem in its source—the muscles

  • 60% reduction in clench force
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Smaller & easier to wear
  • Great, secure fit
  • Recommended by dentists
  • Real reviews, real people, real success!
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FDA cleared to state “the best guard for clenching & grinding”
Reduces grinding forces on muscles
Smallest retail device on the market for ease of wear
Patented central power bar
Reduced clenching
Can be used on upper AND lower teeth
3-year wear guarantee
1 year
How many times can customer reform molding?
One size fits all
Molding requirements
No boiling. Warm water.
Boiling required
Boiling required
Not Applicable
Ease of wear
Small & moldable
Very bulky. Hard to wear.
Very bulky. Hard to wear.
Flimsy. Can bite through.
Type of guard
Small, central power bar
Posterior pad
Other benefits
Reduces neck & back pain
Can increase clenching/grinding
Can increase clenching/grinding

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Google Rating
“…a fraction of the cost and much more durable…”
Steven H.
“…this product was a life saver.”
Caitlyn B.
“I have way less jaw pain and headaches.”
Elisabeth B.

“After struggling with my own pain from clenching and grinding my teeth, I designed GrindReliefN and found the relief I needed. Now, you can too.”

Dr. Joe Pelerin, DDS
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