GrindRelief Nighttime Mouth Guard

The GrindRelief Nighttime Difference

How GrindRelief Nighttime Differs from Other Dental Guards, Night Mouth Guards & Mouth Guards for Teeth Grinding.

We are the low cost, FDA-cleared device to stop teeth grinding & stop teeth clenching at night.

See and hear GrindRelief Nighttime inventor Dr. Joe Pelerin explain how his revolutionary new oral device – superior to any type of TMJ mouth guard – can stop clenching teeth at night in this video introduction to the product.

  • Smaller, easier to wear. GrindRelief Nighttime is one-third the size of typical horseshoe-shaped bite guards, night mouth guards or TMJ mouth guards.
  • Works better. Its Central Power Bar causes nerve reflex to reprogram muscles and reduce grinding or clenching.
  • Less expensive. At just $37, GrindRelief Nighttime is guaranteed to outperform devices costing $800 or more.
  • Can be reformed as many times as you like.
  • Instructions include easy-to-follow DVD.
  • Lasts longer. Central force focus reduces grinding forces. Therefore, GrindRelief Nighttime does not wear out as fast as other devices.
  • FDA-cleared to treat teeth clenching.

Is GrindRelief Nighttime Right For You?

GrindRelief Nighttime is not for everybody. GrindRelief Nighttime is not designed for children under the age of 12. GrindRelief Nighttime is not for people who have severe spacing between their lower front six teeth; either between teeth or towards the gum line. You should not use GrindRelief Nighttime if your lower six teeth are crowded, overlapped, severely angled or missing. Also, people with loose or elongated teeth should not use GrindRelief Nighttime. If you have upper, lower or partial dentures that include some of your front teeth, you should not use GrindRelief Nighttime. GrindRelief Nighttime is not for people who wear a fixed wire retainer or braces. You must view our video below for information on those who should not use GrindRelief Nighttime. If you’re wondering if you can use GrindRelief Nighttime, call us today at 877-401-1224.

GrindRelief Nighttime

The Teeth Grinding Solution

FDA-cleared mouth guard. Works better, lasts longer and costs less. The best anywhere, any price, guaranteed.

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