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We invite you to order your supply of GrindRelief Nighttime at special quantity-discount pricing. Also, when you order you will be listed in our referral network for patients. Some bruxism patients will want or need to see a dentist to fit this type of device for them, and we would like to refer those patients to you.

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Five-minute Fitting Procedure

GrindRelief Nighttime patented design includes an outer shell made of high-quality plastic. The inside is lined with thermoplastic that becomes soft at around 135ºF. The shell’s outer structure is very light, as it’s less than 1/5 of a millimeter. In the middle of the outer shell is the Central Power Bar. The special Central Power Bar creates a reflex action which ultimately forces the muscles to contract by 60 percent. GrindRelief Nighttime’s extraordinary design puts pressure on both the top and the bottom teeth.

Fitting our teeth guard for Bruxism is simple.

  • First, put two inches of hot water in a bowl and microwave it for two minutes. Do not have GrindRelief Nighttime in the bowl while microwaving the water.
  • Next, drop the GrindRelief Nighttime into the hot water, shell side down.
  • Take the GrindRelief Nighttime out when you see that it has been soften and the thermoplastic appears totally clear/transparent.
  • Next, center the anterior dome and Central Power Bar with the lower midline.
  • After you have GrindRelief Nighttime centered, firmly press it onto the lower teeth of your patient.
  • Next, have your patient close their mouth to make sure that the Central Power Bar is aligned so that it’s right in between their front teeth.
  • Keep everything still for NO MORE THAN 90 Seconds.

After fitting GrindRelief Nighttime on your patient and making sure the Central Power Bar is aligned in between the teeth, you will need to trim off any extra of the thermoplastic with suture scissors.

  • Put the GrindRelief Nighttime back in the hot water to get it soft and clear again. Place the GrindRelief Nighttime back in the mouth of your patient.
  • Remove the GrindRelief Nighttime from the mouth of your patient and place it under cool water.
  • After the night guard for teeth grinding is a little closer to room temperature, place the GrindRelief Nighttime back on their mouth to make sure that it’s fitted correctly. If GrindRelief Nighttime doesn’t fit, you can repeat the process with heating and cooling the thermoplastic until your patient is satisfied with the fit of their new guard for teeth grinding.

Instructional Videos

How to remove the GrindRelief Nighttime

Below is an instructional video on how to FIT the GrindRelief Nighttime, and remove it in the extremely rare case that the patient has deviated from the instructions in self-fitting.

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