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Amid an international pandemic, an economic downturn, and unemployment rates in free-fall, people are understandably more stressed than ever. As you know, teeth grinding and clenching, especially during sleep, are on the rise as a direct result.

Dentists, hygienists, and chair-side assistants all see the many tell-tale signs of bruxism every week. The reported percentage of sufferers varies from 1 in 3 to 95% (ADA statistics) of the population. It represents an opportunity to provide valuable, holistic healthcare to prevent people from ruining their own teeth, and an opportunity for you to profit using a proven, simple procedure with a high patient acceptance rate.

As your clinical team comes back to work in the practice, followed by the patients, we propose a new, effective and profitable way for you to treat the growing percentage of bruxers you will see in your practice.

We offer a patented, FDA-cleared device (based on the success of the NTI device) that is inexpensive, comfortable, and can help you treat bruxism in one appointment and with a price point that allows you flexibility in what you charge the patient.

GrindReliefN was developed by a dentist that suffered from bruxism himself, but more on that later.

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GrindReliefN can be purchased for your own practice in quantity discounts starting with as few as 8 units*.

Regardless of who diagnoses the patient’s bruxism, the GrindReliefN can be fitted in a matter of minutes by the auxiliary, with 10 minutes of training, and a cup of hot water!

It is a simple device that offers a service that can be much more economical and affordable for patients. Patients typically decline current treatments based on the lab fees for a fabricated appliance and the need for multiple visits. Typical fees can range from five to six hundred dollars. While that is “good money”, many patients, especially the unemployed or uninsured, will continue to suffer or buy some worthless horseshoe product at the drugstore. No help for them and YOU MISS OUT.

With the GrindReliefN, your patient can leave with the device custom-fitted, in a practical, effective container, and will normally see results within a few days. Won’t you look good!

With the growing prevalence of bruxism, which is often coincidental to OSA, those patients who get even moderate relief from this comfortable device, and a reasonable price point are much more likely to refer their family, friends, and others to your practice.

For many of your patients, this may be the “end-all” device to solve their problem….forever. For others, it may be a “temporary” device until their economic conditions allow you to provide them with a more expensive device if indicated. It also has a 3-year bite-through warranty.

Of course, you are free to charge your regular NTI or splint fee.

Either way, you cannot lose!

GrindReliefN for delivery by Dental practices

*We invite you to order your supply of GrindReliefN at special quantity-discount pricing.

Our people are available to you for technical assistance between 9:00 – 4:00 pm EST at 877-401-1224 or email us at info@grindreliefn.com.

IN FACT, WE WILL GIVE YOU ONE GrindReliefN FREE, to prove it to yourself!

With your FIRST order of the Professional Pack of 8 units, at the discounted price (35%), we will also send one more unit FREE. Try this FREE one on yourself, or a treatment team member or a patient.

If not completely satisfied, return the UNOPENED carton of 8 for a refund. You risk nothing.

Call 877-401-1224 to place your order!

You can also purchase online at an exclusive “gated” section of this website. If you order there, you will be asked to provide information that identifies you as a licensed clinician.

There are also patient-education pamphlets available for your reception room or consultation and treatment rooms, to help you screen patients, or as a take-home for your patients’ families. Download PDF here.

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