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GrindRelief has helped many people with their Bruxism, teeth grinding and clenching problems. From dental problems to jaw, face and neck pain, the GrindRelief has proven to put a stop to the teeth grinding and clenching. With its Central Power Bar, it actually reduces clenching forces up to 60 percent. GrindRelief is the #1 recommended FDA-cleared mouth guard for teeth grinding that is affordable.

I just wanted to share with you how fortunate I am to have found this solution to my night time teeth grinding. I have tried many different devices, and this has been the only one to not only prevent the grinding, but also to prevent my jaw clenching. It is awesome to wake up in the morning and know that no grinding or clenching took place. My jaw and gums feel great and I don’t have to worry about it falling out in the middle of the night. It fits perfectly in MY mouth and I can get a great night sleep. I highly recommend this to anyone who suffers from night time teeth grinding or clenching. Look no more, you have finally found a great solution!

Jolie L.

I had been suffering with stiff neck, shoulders and headaches for a while. In addition, with the stress that I was under, I know that I was grinding my teeth. Dr. Pelerin made me one of his GrindRelief’s. After wearing it each night, what a difference! I can perform my daily duties without the discomfort of stiff neck, shoulders or headache. It is a very comfortable device to wear.

Mosley Jr.

GrindRelief has not only helped me with the grinding of my teeth, it has helped me tremendously with my sleep apnea. It’s a very comfortable fit. I never want to sleep without it.


I love my GrindRelief. I’ve had eight root canals from trauma due to grinding my teeth at night. Wearing a nighttime bite splint stopped me from grinding. But the GrindRelief works just as well and is more comfortable than the expensive appliances I have worn in the past.

Jan P.

I used to wake up with stiff neck and shoulders and a headache. I was in so much pain my doctor gave me an MRI of my neck and spine. There was nothing there to account for the pain that I was experiencing. Then Dr. Joe told me I was grinding my teeth and made me a GrindRelief. I started wearing it and within a week what I had been suffering diminished tremendously. GrindRelief gave me my life back.

Peggy J.

Ever since I was a child I have suffered from stiff neck and shoulders, visiting the chiropractor two to three times a week. Since I have started wearing the GrindRelief, I haven’t had to visit the chiropractor and haven’t had the stiff neck and shoulders.

Ksenia N.

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I have been grinding my teeth for years. What I believe started out as job stress has become a habit. I’ve chipped and broken many teeth over the years due to grinding, causing pain, embarrassment and additional expense. Since using Dr. Pelerin’s GrindRelief I haven’t had any of the previous problems. It gives me confidence and I always have it with me.

Amazing doesn’t begin to explain the changes I’ve experienced using Dr. Pelerin’s GrindRelief…I was diagnosed with TMJ. Every muscle in my face, jaw and neck felt sore from constant clenching…My therapist suggested we give the appliance a try….Dr. Joe did not disappoint. Imagine my surprise to be really pain free in just three days. The actual fitting took a few minutes and I wear it at night whenever I feel the need…With all the pain gone I’m feeling like a new person.

Suzanne was seen at Lake Orion HealthQuest complaining of facial and neck pain, as well as headaches…She was diagnosed with TMJ disorder. She was treated with traditional therapy, including hands-on techniques to the upper neck and cranial region…However, she continued to experience the above mentioned symptoms. She was scheduled for an appointment with Dr. Joseph Pelerin for evaluation of TMJ and was fitted for a GrindRelief…Over a three-day period she was pain free, no longer experiencing facial or neck pain. And there was resolution of her headaches. I strongly recommend Dr. Pelerin and his intraoral appliance for patients experiencing facial pain and headaches.​

I have worn many different types of mouth guards for the past 25 years. I started with a removable orthodontic appliance to straighten my teeth. I also wore a bite guard so I wouldn’t damage my teeth at night due to clenching. Recently, I started wearing a GrindRelief. It is very comfortable and not bulky like more expensive guards I have worn. I love it.

I began experiencing temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ) when I was ten years old and frequently suffered from headaches, as well as earaches.. As I got older, job stress and the deteriorating economy caused me to subconsciously clench my jaw at night. Then my teeth started to crack, eventually causing nerve damage. So I began wearing a GrindRelief, and within a week I was sleeping much better, had less neck and shoulder pain and my jaw stopped hurting, too. GrindRelief is very small–hardly noticeable in the mouth. And because it rests only on the front teeth, it’s very comfortable. I’ve been wearing it every night for three years.

Thank you very much for the GrindRelief mouthguard! It offered me the best treatment comparing to everything else I tried in the past. I suffered from headaches, teeth sensitivity, ear pains, and shoulder pains for years. An MRI revealed a dislocated TMJ joint. I tried multiple splints, but nothing worked. The mouth guard you invented (GrindRelief) is unique and highly effective. This device truly breaks a pattern of teeth grinding for me. As you promised the masseter and temporalis muscles responsible for jaw movement were finally able to relax and stop spasming. The pain and headaches become less and less frequent, and in turn, I am convinced that this device can protect the TMJ joint, and greatly improve the quality of my life in the long run.

Another thing I really liked is that GrindRelief molds into shape in minutes, and the material is non-irritating. It can be adjusted at home, which saves both time and money. The whole experience has been very rewarding. I plan to purchase another GrindRelief at my next visit, so that I can keep it with me when I travel.

Thank you again for this invention!

I got my Grind Relief N in early-mid July 2013. I decided then that I would use the product for a at least a month before I wrote a review. Well, now it’s been 3 months. I’ve used it every night while asleep and even at times during the day.

It was a bit strange feeling for the first week or two, but after trimming it a couple times, which is easy to do, as you just cut off any points of the guard hitting your gum, and wearing it a couple weeks, it literally became as comfortable as wearing shoes. I don’t even notice, and I feel I need to be wearing it.

As for the product helping me, let me just say I’m 25 and it took me until 24 years old to realize I was suffering from TMJ. Severe TMJ. Chronic headaches, which led to nausea, vomiting and I wouldn’t wish it on anybody. The kind of headaches that laugh at a bottle of aspirin. So I was relieved when I figured out that all my symptoms equaled TMJ. NOT brain cancer. NOT a tumor. Just TMJ.

I first learned that TMJ can strike if your neck and back are out of shape. Because your head is heavy on your neck and shoulders, if this is the case, your head wears down on them. When your neck is aching, your blood isn’t flowing through sufficiently to your head. So lack of blood/oxygen in your head causes throbbing or TMJ in the face, head and neck areas. I thought when I learned this, I thought my problem was solved. So I did what was recommended, neck exercises. Well, it didn’t work. Remember, I’m still getting plagued multiple times per month with TMJ attacks, bad ones! Sometimes throughout my life it was only once a month or every 2 months, but many times it happens routinely.

Finally, about June or July 2013 I realized something. Personally, I almost always notice from the time I wake up out of bed if it’s going to be a TMJ day. I have that “TMJ” ache brewing from afar into the depths of my brain, face, neck, forehead, etc. So I started researching about waking up with these symptoms, which led me to the “teeth grinding” situation. And voilà! It dawned on me that I must be waking up with that feeling because of teeth grinding! The more I thought about it, the more it made sense, because a lot of times during the day I would clinch my upper and lower teeth together. I don’t know why, I suppose in a way it felt good. I don’t want to use the word “grind” because I didn’t do much back and forth grinding, it was just a press. I pressed the teeth together.

I’m not conscious while I’m asleep, but I’d say because I did this a lot while awake, there is a good chance the habit continued while asleep. Considering all the time I woke up w/ TMJ symptoms, I’d say there’s a real good chance. I should mention, that my severe TMJ attacks were not everyday, but TMJ was everyday. If a TMJ attack was happening to me once a month, regular TMJ was nearly everyday. Let’s say. severe attacks 90% of the time and TMJ regular attacks 10% of the time. I was having 10% TMJ all the time. A constant nag and unpleasant ache.

After I got Grind Relief N, I felt clarity. I didn’t want to jump the gun in the first week, or even the first few weeks and write up a review, only to see my symptoms return and realize the product didn’t work out. So I waited, until now, 3 months later. Still to this day, I have clarity. My severe TMJ attacks are down from 90% (where I couldn’t function and I was paralyzed to the bed, most likely vomiting) to about 20% which is nothing a headache pill can’t fix. I can finally take pain killers and they work. They can take care of 20% TMJ.

Basically in 3 months I haven’t even been close to an attack. I’m convinced it’s because of the Grind Relief N. IT HAS TO BE!

When it’s in, my top and bottom teeth cannot touch, so my mouth is always sitting in its most natural state. In fact, I think the guard is training my jaw muscles into their natural state, because when I’m not using the guard, I notice now that I’m not really touching my teeth together anymore. When I do touch my teeth together, I notice what I’m doing and how it feels unnatural. This is the truth.

I recommend this product to anyone who presses or grinds their teeth together, or even if you just bite your lips a lot or your fingernails. Also, if you’re having TMJ headaches. To me, when 90 days goes by and a person who suffered his whole life from severe TMJ, is having clarity every day and no longer worries about TMJ attacks, that means the product really works.

That leads me to the most important point:
Prior to the last 3 months of my life, I woke up almost everyday with a TMJ feeling lingering in my head area. In fear that that linger would turn into my known enemy before day’s end (a severe tmj attack), I know what it feels like to live in that fear, that constant threat. But the truth is, the last 3 months I haven’t had that fear. I wake up, to clarity. Just clarity. When you have clarity, there’s nothing lingering, nothing to fear. This is important, if you want to live your life. TMJ is no joke, get serious against it. Try the Grind Relief N. I think you will be very glad you did.

I’ve used a different mouth guard quite a few times over the past 7 years. After my pregnancies I’ve always used one for a few months to alleviate migraines and to help me sleep through the night; they would sometimes work but they were uncomfortable & bulky.

I purchased the GrindReliefN about a month ago. Within two nights, I woke up without a migraine. I had a headache for a few mornings and now they are virtually gone!!

I’ve noticed my neck, jaw, & shoulder muscles are much more relaxed as well!! I’ve never owned a mouth guard that provided so many benefits. Plus, my husband is happy because my snoring isn’t as loud either.

Overall, the GrindRelief has been a gift. It doesn’t feel cumbersome like every other brand I’ve owned. I can drink water in the middle of the night without having to take the guard out of my mouth. Which is a HUGE plus!

I’m so thankful I made this purchase and I’ve been recommending it to many others !


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