Are you tired all of the time? It’s okay, so are millions of other Americans who suffer from perpetual fatigue. Fortunately, determining the cause of your constant exhaustion can help you get your energy back! Here are some of the most common reasons for feeling tired every day and ways to combat them:

Your Diet
Consuming large amounts of caffeine or sugar in the morning will only make your body crash by the afternoon; conversely, enjoying caffeine or sugar before bed will keep you tossing and turning all night. Eating poorly can fluctuate your blood sugar levels and cause extra feelings of fatigue throughout your daily activities. Try eating a healthy, balanced diet to help you feel less tired and maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle as well. Studies have shown that obesity often contributes to fatigue, so carrying less weight can also make you feel more energized.

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Lack of Exercise
Although you may think that exercising will make you tired, blood-moving activities will actually boost your energy! People who exercise frequently often feel more energized than people who don’t move at all. When exercising, it is important to end your workout a few hours before bedtime so you are able to wind down and fall asleep easier.

How Much Sleep You Get
You probably already knew this, but if you don’t get enough sleep, you’re going to feel tired all day. But too much sleep can also be a problem! In fact, oversleeping by just two hours can make you feel fatigued for the rest of the day. Try to stay around the recommended eight hour range so you feel refreshed upon waking and stay alert the whole day.

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Medical Conditions
The reason for your exhaustion may be caused by something more serious – medical conditions that can affect your sleep include:

Sleep disorders
Thyroid Problems
If you think you have a medical condition that could be affecting your sleep, contact your health care provider for a check-up!

Teeth Grinding
You probably didn’t know this one, but people often grind or clench their teeth during their sleep! This causes awful jaw pains in the morning and continued unrest every night thereafter until the problem is rectified. Try sleeping with a nighttime mouth guard to retrain your jaw not to increase the pressure of clenching while you sleep. While there are many differences between bite guards, we believe GrindReliefN will solve your nighttime grinding issues and allow you to sleep peacefully the whole night through.

Enjoy a Restful Sleep with GrindReliefN
Why continue spending your days feeling fatigued when you can do something about it? Whatever the reason for your exhaustion may be, just a few changes to your routine can make a big difference in how you sleep at night and feel during the day. And if you suffer from nighttime teeth grinding or clenching, GrindReliefN has your back! Call 877-401-1224 for more information.

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