female dentist performing a root canal procedure on patient

The most common cause of teeth needing a root canal is due to decay that has gone into the central nerve of the tooth. Of course, this can be prevented by the timely removal of decay in the early stages and proper restoration of the tooth. I have observed an increased incidence of teeth needing root canal therapy when there is no restoration and not even any decay.

The Root of a Problem

Most dentists are becoming aware of another causative factor, and that is clenching and grinding of the teeth. Teeth have the worst circulation of any structure in the body. The artery, vein, and nerve that go into the tooth have only one entry, which is at the end of the root with an opening that is smaller than the sharp end of a pin.

The tooth is not fused to the bone but is on a ligament system. When enough force is applied to the top of the tooth, the root is pushed down into the socket pinching on the nerve and blood vessels at the end of the root.

This causes the blood vessels, in particular, to become inflamed or expanded. Any other place in the body would not be a problem as we have vessels from many directions to repair the injury. However, with only one small entry point at the end of the root, when the blood vessels here are inflamed, blood does not circulate in and out of the tooth.

If the circulation is impaired long enough, the nerve and blood vessels inside the tooth will die, and the tooth will need a root canal. Extreme bite forces, usually from clenching and grinding, are the main causative factor here. With the extreme stress most people are under in today’s world, I am seeing problems related to clenching and grinding at epidemic proportions.

Relieving the Problem

The best way to prevent these problems that result in a root canal is to wear a mouth guard specifically designed to prevent the teeth from coming together with such intense force. 

GreindReliefN is a low cost, FDA-cleared device that can help you stop nighttime teeth clenching and grinding. It is the best mouth guard for clenching and grinding your teeth. If you want to avoid root canal therapy and other maladies caused by clenching and grinding, then GrindreliefN is the right device for you. 

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