As time goes on, many people will notice a shortening of their front upper and lower teeth. Usually it takes them at least until their 30’s or 40’s before this deterioration is noticed, and before they find out why this occurs. For most people the lower front teeth sit back slightly from the upper front teeth. However; if they push the lower front teeth forward, you’ll see that the teeth meet exactly like a lock and key. This is because they have been ground this way. The vast majority of people grind their teeth usually more at night than during the day. Although most people do grind their teeth and are unaware of it they are also unaware that during the grinding motion they will thrust the lower jaw forward causing the upper and lower front teeth to come in to contact and wear.

I have been practicing dentistry since 1973 and I’ve seen this problem occur with many people. As this problem becomes more severe you’ll notice that when these people smile you don’t see their teeth, that’s because there’s barely any teeth to see in some cases. Some of these cases can be helped with a few fillings or a few crowns. However; when the situation becomes extreme, sometimes a full mouth reconstruction is necessary, and this can cost upwards of 40 to 60 thousand dollars and is not an easy process.

Many people think damage to their teeth occurs only when they are showing, which is a very small percentage of the day. Actually a lot more damage occurs when people are not showing the clenching and grinding of their teeth, which many are aware causes severe damage from shortening of the Front teeth to many other problems. So how can this problem be prevented? The sooner the problem is identified, hopefully in the patient’s 20’s, or early 30’s and a device is used to help protect against the clenching and grinding, the more this problem will be prevented.

Until recently it was necessary to go to the dentist and pay hundreds of dollars for a device that would fit properly and help with this problem. Over-the-counter devices simply were ineffective and also did not last very long at all. Now a revolutionary new device has come to the retail market called GrindReliefN. Virtually unlike any other device, it has a central bar which causes the main force of biting to come between the upper and lower front teeth. The central force creates a nerve reflex affect, causing the muscles to contract with 60% less force. Although the patient may slide their jaw forward in the grinding motion, they will now slide it onto the central bar protecting the teeth and preventing damage and wear. It covers only the front 6 to 8 teeth, and the back teeth are kept out of contact.

While some people have trouble wearing anything in their mouth to protect against clenching and grinding, this device has been the most accepted, the most effective and the most durable, with a three-year wear guarantee. Also, since it is a small fraction of the cost of a professional appliance, it is now available to virtually anyone. More can be seen on this product at

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