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blonde woman in blue shirt holding her head from stressThe human species has experienced stress for thousands of years. However, today more than any other time, problems down the street or across the world are in our faces all the time. A lot of this is due to news outlets, the internet, social media, etc. There is no escape from the increasing problems in this troubled world. Of course, we’ve always had troubles, but they are more evident to all of us now than at any time in our history.

We all know that stress can cause anxiety, depression, and many other maladies. Some people are aware that stress can cause headaches though it’s just a stress headache. But how can stress cause a headache?

My Story

Over 30 years ago, I became aware of the connection between teeth clenching/grinding and headaches. I had migraine headaches that would sometimes last for two or three days. My teeth did not bother me. I had no jaw soreness. I simply had shoulder pain, neck pain, and frequent headaches. It was so bad that I went to the hospital for an MRI. They could find no reason for my headaches. Eventually, I began having some joint pain on my left side. 

As a dentist, I took many courses on the subject. However, there’s nothing like experiencing the pain for yourself which caused me to take even more courses on the subject. Over the years it has been a great challenge to treat my many patients who also suffer from this problem.

As I searched for the ideal device to address this problem, I became aware of a product called the NTI. This device is much smaller than any other device designed to treat the problem by covering only a few front teeth. It had a central bar that elevates above the device, contacting the opposite front teeth at the mid-line.

Studies show this contact can reduce muscle activity by at least 60%, treating the problem at its source, the muscles. Group studies have shown that this device was able to treat 80% or more of migraine sufferers with success. However, this device can only be made by the dentist and costs hundreds of dollars.

I began working on a device that could be molded by the patient at home. The device uses the mechanism of action of the NTI, creating pressure on the upper and lower mid-lines at the same time. After much work with patents, FDA approvals, and several design changes the device was finally ready for the retail market. It is the most affordable, effective, and durable device I have ever seen. In fact, it is the best mouth guard for clenching and grinding your teeth.

There’s another problem that I experienced, and I describe it as a musculoskeletal balancing reflex. Once after injuring my back, I found that within a few hours, the pain and muscle spasms had traveled to my abdomen. The same thing happens when the jaw muscles contract through clenching or grinding, muscles in the shoulder and neck contract in a balancing mechanism. When this muscle spasm is strong enough, it can travel up to the base of the skull, and you can get headaches.

Over the years, I’ve treated thousands of patients who suffer from headaches, shoulder pain, neck pain, and other pains related to clenching and grinding. If you are suffering from pain related to clenching and grinding your teeth, order GrindRelief now and find affordable and effective relief. 

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