Dear Dr. Pelerin,

My name is Iris Gerzon.

I have recently spoke to your wife as a customer about how happy and grateful I am to have found your product!

My story about how I found the product:

Me and my husband live in NC. I am a dual citizen of both the US and Israel. I was born in LA and grew up in Israel where my parents are originally from. I always suffered ever since I was a child from clenching and grinding in an extreme manner and even back then could never afford the ridiculous prices on a mouth guard to work for me and help my situation.

The grinding not only hurt my teeth, but also my jaw, which was the biggest pain ever: I would wake up and it felt as it was on fire and inflamed and the pain projected to my whole face as well as headaches i experienced. I am now 32 years old and I went to quite a few doctors and orthodontists that were as frustrated as i was with my condition, not knowing how to help the damaged that was already done to my teeth. They kept moving me from one doctor to the another since I only had state aid insurance- Medicaid, that not every doctor accepts since it hardly pays off for them.

Looking at me, to my luck, you would never tell my teeth are suffering a long time process of bruxism as my doctor told me. People think I have nice teeth and don’t understand what’s really going inside my mouth when I’m having problems chewing (which I need to survive and eat with, beside the cosmetic part), and also gum recession that exposed the nerves and caused me to lose my 2 bottom molars, which now I couldn’t even afford  implanting new ones and because of that, I am compromise other teeth for that matter which is not good either.

I have cracked teeth- mostly in the back of my mouth and it is very difficult to battle that condition without having extreme sensitivity for long periods of time or losing teeth in general. I don’t have to tell you all of that, being an experienced dentist.  However, I am telling you about it anyways since I want you to be aware that I truly suffered enough to know about the outcomes and results this issue can entail when it comes to grinding and clenching- not to mention TMJ which is even worse than losing your teeth if not just as bad!

People in general underestimate, just like I did, how important it is to protect yourself from these long term, and in many cases irreversible results if you suffer from bruxism and don’t take preventatives for the future and in this case, using your product as a preventative which even help on a day to day basis as far as stress and pain goes and relatively more comfortable from any other mouth guard on the market (and the reason I say “relatively” is because in all actuality, no one wants anything in their mouth as far as that goes, but GrindReliefN is the most comfortable on the market these days).

One day, after going to all these doctors, a friend of our family wanted to help by paying for a mouth guard for me. He spent $475.

I felt grateful and relieved knowing help is on its way only to discover that it was extremely uncomfortable for me at night to fall asleep and even stay asleep, or any other time for that matter- bulky and blocked spit and so on, is what specifically bothered me. But the worse part was to find out, after waiting and waiting by instructions of my dentist’s office for it to work, that it made my problem even worse as far as the clenching goes.

I was very frustrated and sad from all of this ordeal, when one night when I couldn’t sleep well due to my pain and regular mouth guard that was bothering me, I googled to see if I’m crazy or not, a question about if you still get, or can have TMJwhen using a mouth guard. I also looked up another search with the question about clenching in spite of a use of a mouth guard. All of a sudden I saw a link to your youtube video.

I decided to click on it for the heck of it and almost passed on it to look at other videos with more views, since people usually automatically go to where there are more views cause that’s an indication of what’s the best video. I decided to watch it anyways, cause I thought, it’s not like people search for these things like they do a music video, so maybe that’s why the views are so low.

As I was watching and listening to your theory or more like explanation about the grind guard, I said to myself, this makes all the sense in the world and it hits the exact key points of what exactly bothers me!!

Plus, it doesn’t look as gross as my own night guard. I was so desperate for a solution that I decided to really look into it even though I had no money to spare.

I went to the website and decided, what the heck, i’ll try it cause it’s affordable and at this point in time it seems like my only bet that might end my suffering of chronic pain and discomfort.

Look, I am a simple person and don’t come from a company or have a lot. I live currently in almost poverty level and ever since my husband lost his job as a sub contractor that used to work for Pella windows and doors, our frustration grew bigger with money and the inability to afford to help me with my health or just in general.

I want to represent your product to everyone I know, and a LOT more people who are in the same predicament as I was. And everyday when I use the GrindReliefN, it’s a constant reminder and relief for my situation, which is why I want to share the love.

As I told Ingrid on the phone–your guard helped my health. It guards me from additional future problems, pain and complication. You contributed not only to yourself, but to other people. You said in your video that it takes something like 2 weeks to notice the difference, and it made sense to me since the muscles are all still stressed and sore from when one was clenching to begin with.

Let me tell you something: in my case, it worked THE NEXT DAY!

I ran full of excitement to tell my husband the news with complete wonder! I showed him how I can’t even bite if I wanted to and that it also keeps my tongue in such position that rests on the guard and prevents me from biting down as I normally do without even noticing until the pain kicks in.

I took a shot in the dark when I could hardly afford a jug of milk since it was affordable to risk and my pain was bad, and IT WORKED!

It even saved me as far as the constant need for anti inflammatories I kept on taking and buying on a daily basis, which are not good for you on a regular basis. I was stunned out of my mind, cause nothing ever worked for my pain. I never looked at the feedbacks on your website cause I don’t ever believe and is very much skeptical about a website who promotes its own product to have fake feedbacks. I never found anything on any other website that had to do with GrindReliefN, so I took my chances because of the price.

I have looked online for other affordable products and labs that creates guards for people directly through them- they send you the material for the impressions and you send it back, cost less than a dentist but still expensive for something you are not sure about and intangible.

I tried tons of ones you can get off the counter- one of them which was actually the more expensive one hurt me bad in the back of my mouth, it was ridiculous!

My dentist who is very nice and good at what he does–I already scheduled an appointment with him to show him the GrindReliefN, since you suggested that if it works for the consumer, they can show it to their dentist. Who knows how many patients at that specific office need a mouth guard they can’t afford!

I did have to make excuses though since knowing their front desk: they wouldn’t let me through for something like this cause they think I’m full of crap anyways cause when I was asking them why the mouth guard I got from them encouraged the clenching even more, cause I know it helped not cracking my teeth, but the clenching was awful and with your product you basically get 2 in 1 for a fraction of the price, and it much easier and less bulky while sleeping which makes it good for a daily use, like during daytime even when at home.

Some things I won’t be able to fix for myself after the damage was done to my teeth, but I can help other people prevent dealing with the huge financial expense or lack or means to get help in case they don’t find a way to take care of their grinding and clenching.

I found a way in your product. I believe in it and very excited about thinking of all the people it could help that need it so badly. Just a few months ago I was sitting in my car crying to my husband, not knowing how I’m going to be able to afford a mouth guard and then discovering it made things worse for me and the fear for my teeth future grew bigger and bigger after seeing the results of my grinding and losing important teeth as I did, not being able to fix it anymore cause it was too late, unless I have a hidden wealth.

I am telling you, I have been around the block with this problem and I am backing up the GrindReliefN 100% because the product is true to itself and the people who suffer deserve it as well. I always thought it’s crazy and It cant be that one needs money to buy health, and I thank you personally for helping me and giving me this opportunity!

Best regards,
Iris Gerzon

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